We provide insight and strategy that taps into children and teens' inherent creativity. 

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‘Divergent thinking is a thought process or method used to generate creative ideas by exploring many possible solutions...

Many possible solutions are explored in a short amount of time, and unexpected connections are drawn.’



Divergent Insight and Strategy provides thought provoking, actionable insight in the kids, family and youth market.

Set up by Sam Clough,  a passionate kids and youth expert, to deliver compelling insight that connects you with your constantly evolving audience.


With over 20 years of experience in the kids' and family market, we pride ourselves on deep knowledge of the perennials of marketing to children combined with a very current understanding of their digital and analogue world.  

Outputs are grounded in commercial realities of clients’ needs, providing results that are truly actionable, giving you confidence that the findings will be embedded across your organisation.

Divergent Insight and Strategy gives you:

  • Creative thinking for creative solutions

  • Deep expertise in kids, family and youth

  • Seamless understanding of kids digital and analogue lives - just as they see it

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contact sam@divergentstrategy.co.uk 


  • Kids, youth, family

  • Toys

  • Entertainment

  • Media & digital advertising

  • FMCG

  • Healthcare

  • Education and outdoor learning


  • Insight consultancy 

  • Qualitative research, online and IRL, groups, IDIs, ethnography

  • Co-creation

  • Consumer immersion workshops

  • Kids' world training

  • Innovation and concept development

  • Online surveys




Sam Clough, Founder Director



Sam Clough, is a leading expert in kids marketing and insight for over 20 years, Sam is as passionate about understanding kids, teens and their parents as she is about connecting brands with this complex demographic.


As Insight Director at SuperAwesome, the leading digital engagement platform for kids used by hundreds of the world’s biggest kids brands, she uncovered provoking, data driven thought leadership to help inform marketing decisions and ground SuperAwesome’s expertise in the kids’ market.  


Other career highlights include setting up one of the original kids specialist insight departments

(Redballoon at Incepta Marketing Intelligence) as well as providing international insight for food, drink, entertainment and toy brands to deliver global marketing strategies.


Over the years she has worked with families, children, young people and significant adults to shape

innovation and strategy for many major kids’ brands.


She has a keen interest in the educational sector as a school governor and forest school leader, helping children learn how to take risks and build self esteem.


This 360 view of kids and families across offline and online, the commercial and real world enables her to deliver grounded and inspiring solutions for a broad range of clients.




Wider team

Sam works with a range of associates to ensure that your project has the optimal pool of experts.  



Networks and tools 



A select community of articulate, opinion forming young people who speak for their generation across a range of applications including:

  • Quarterly trend updates

  • Special reports

  • Expert respondents at groups and workshops

  • Selfie videos

  • Client immersions

  • Quickfire opinions and reactions


The FutureMakers are aged between 7 and 17 years old and have a mix of interests, from vloggers to designers, rising theatre stars to sport obsessives as well as a healthy dose of children who can speak for the masses.  


Think Like a Child

Think like a Child is a range of workshop and immersion techniques that draw upon child experiences to enable clients to connect with their target audience and get the creative juices flowing.  


Many are inspired by forest school teaching; Full or half day workshops, or woven into the fabric of traditional innovation workshops, ThinkLikeAChild outdoor sessions are designed to help participants reconnect with their own creativity and imagination.


Dovetailing this is be a range of THINKLIKEACHILD digital activities to immerse participants in the world of children today.

Dependent on your exact needs you and your team can be taken into the woods to re-capture imagination and play patterns or fully immersed in the digital life of a child.

People say the nicest things...

Andy Cooper
Commercial Development Director &  Partner
Worlds Apart
Sam has worked with us to facilitate ideation groups around new product development.  Over and above Sam's knowledge of the fast evolving world of kids, she has the ability to both integrate and stimulate the team she is working with seamlessly  - a valuable art! . We really enjoy working with Sam and look forward to future projects. 
Lee Veitch
Global Sales Director

Sam has been working closely with SuperAwesome for over 2 years and has a knack of knowing what is going on in kids' and teens' lives, this insight has made a huge impact on our business'
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